WASURENAKATTA is a mesmerizing EP that revisits some of the project's earliest works from 2000 to 2003, reimagined with modern production. The title "WASURENAKATTA," which translates to "I didn't forget" in Japanese, encapsulates the essence of these reworked tracks, marking a journey of memory and emotional exploration.

Comprising six haunting songs, "WASURENAKATTA" offers a glimpse into the artist's formative years. These tracks, originally crafted in the early 2000s using tracker software, now resonate with a modern vibrancy through today's music technology. The EP is a poignant ode to the perseverance of emotions over time, showcasing a dark and penetrating atmosphere born from the artist's youth, now seen through the lens of experience and maturity.

Set for release on December 1st, "WASURENAKATTA" promises an immersive sonic journey, fusing industrial soundscapes with the timeless weight of remembered experiences. Tangent Strategy began as the bedroom experimentation of chd.y in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2021 that the project found a home on the EK Product label and released “REVENANT,” their first official CD. Currently finishing work on a forthcoming full-length album, Tangent Strategy strives to captivate audiences with their raw, emotive industrial sound.

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Listen for yourself. And always remember, >>destroy comfort!<<