chd.y corvidus

Founded in 1996, Tangent Strategy is the personification of the musical journey of chd.y and was initially was an outlet for chd.y's experimental musical expressions, collaborating with friends to create improvisational home cassette recordings which showcased the project's early explorations.

As time went on, chd.y continued to evolve the sound of Tangent Strategy, experimenting with guitars and simple keyboards until 2000 when he discovered modtracking software. This pivotal moment led to the composition of "Dance of the Marionette," a breakthrough track that inspired dozens of songs crafted on the tracker platform. In 2003, armed with professional software, Tangent Strategy reached new heights as chd.y delved deeper into music creation, even sharing demos with a wider audience.

In 2005, Tangent Strategy took to the stage for the first time, providing invaluable experience and insights into live performances. Despite facing setbacks in 2008 due to a hard drive crash that resulted in the loss of master files for hundreds of songs, chd.y's unwavering dedication drove him to salvage what he could and continue writing music, often keeping his creations under the radar and in private.

A transformative moment arrived in 2013 when chd.y made a life-changing move from the United States to Japan. This shift in surroundings fueled a renewed outlook and enabled him to finally realize the kind of music he had always aspired to create. This newfound inspiration instilled in him an impassioned determination to share his unique sound sculptures with the world.

In 2021, the years of honing his craft paid off when Tangent Strategy was signed to EK Product, marking a significant milestone in chd.y's artistic journey. The release of the debut album, "REVENANT," served as the culmination of years of sonic exploration, unleashing sounds that were once only known to the creator.

In December of 2023, Tangent Strategy came back with an EP called "WASURENAKATTA," resculpted from memories and dreams past in eras long ago, reinforced with the knowledge that time and experience can only bring. Where next Tangent Strategy goes is only known between the sound sculptor, the music, and the harmony of time made discordant...

tangent strategy currently consists of chd.y — noise excavation, sound sculpture, voice, and guitars.