the corvid capitalist

tangent strategy has been around in some form or another since 1996. at first, it was just a name with no particular significance which was used to personify the musical expressions of chd.y who, with the assistance of Shawn S., created an experimental improvisational cassette with various instruments as the first home recordings of the project.


later on and by himself, he continued experimenting with guitars and simple keyboards until 2000, when he began to use modtracking software for the first time and wrote “dance of the marionette,” a breakthrough song in his compositions up to that point, which inspired him to compose dozens of songs on tracker. a serious upgrade in tools came in 2003 when professional software was acquired and he began writing even more music, and even sent some demos out at this time. in 2005, he played his first live show which he was only slightly prepared to do but learned a lot from the experience. unfortunately, in 2008, as he was making a technology change, the master files for hundreds of songs were lost in a hard drive crash, leaving behind only mp3 recordings of the songs. this did not stop him, as he recovered what he could and began to write more, mainly under the radar and in private. in 2013, he experienced a major life change by moving from the united states to japan, which changed his outlook and finally saw him able to realize the kind of music he always wished to create, giving him new determination to have the world listen to his sound sculptures.


in 2021, all those years of crafting his sound paid off when he was signed to the EK Product label and released his first album, REVENANT, the culmination of years of creating sounds he never thought the world to hear; and now he beckons to you to journey with him as he continues to explore sounds of chaos, emotion, and release.


tangent strategy currently consists of chd.y — sound sculpture, programming, voice, production, and guitars.