Tangent Strategy is now a member of the EK Product roster and its first official CD release, REVENANT, is available as of 26 November 2021!
REVENANT is the culmination of more than twenty years of working under the radar, sculpting a sound that perfectly expresses the myriad emotions that make up the experience that the music brings to the listener.

EK Product says this about Tangent Strategy and REVENANT:


"Solo underground act, Tangent Strategy possesses a particular compositional talent that substantially distinguishes him in the industrial electronic hemisphere for talent and creativity. The protagonist of this unitary project proposes an extremely interesting and fascinating sonicity, through which he manages to stimulate the listener's imagination exponentially by transporting it into parallel dimensions. The album Revenant can be considered as the turning point that will make Tangent Strategy emerge definitively from the sidereal darkness that has enveloped it until today, thanks to seventeen songs with a high attractive potential that promise a total exposure to electronically dark, essential, alienating modulations.

The tracklist is a hymn to softwares, a triumphant succession of industrial, ebm, powernoise harmonies made up according to the episodes of cold midtempo drum programming lines, effervescent punctuation of sequencers, disturbing transmissions, electronic vortexes, caustic frequencies, cosmic effects, unadorned synth symphonies and vocals ranging from threatening harsh emissions to poisonous reverberated whispers, or even to basic android chants transfigured by filtering. This full length is a space open towards the experimentation of unconventional music, full of refinement, original inspiration and fine sound tactics. "Revenant" is a real surprise in the electronic scene, a powerful and absolutely catchy release that gets your mind and body moving. Only industrial pride at its maximum expansion!

One thousand times formidable."


Listen for yourself. And always remember, >>destroy comfort!<<