20 September 2005 · Aurafice Cafe · Seattle, Washington, USA


to date, there has only been one Manifestation. however, because maybe nobody there but me remembers that night, i will tell you the story.

a man called scott contacted me via myspace and let me know that he thought my music was good, and invited me to play a show at a night that he had set up for independent performers. the owner of a cafe in Seattle let him set up the night, which included a dj set by someone who unfortunately i can't remember but the music he played was ambient dance. given i really wanted to experience live play and i was eager to get the word out to others about my music, i accepted quickly.


that evening, i had to fill an hour and a half worth of time, and given that i didn't really have that much material ready for live play at that point, i split it between instrumental music and vocal music. there were some awkward moments (the mic feedback while i was setting up the first vocal track woke everybody up, the fact everyone was mostly there to check the web and drink coffee was another, and by the end i wasn't even sure to whom i was performing), but it was an excellent learning experience and i met some cool people with whom i unfortunately did not end up staying in contact.


scott, unfortunately, could not pay me for my appearance, and instead gave me some cd-rs of infected mushroom and juno reactor albums (i don't have them anymore, sorry). i didn't care; it taught me a lot and it was for sure something that helped me grow as a performer.


my equipment that night was an apple ibook running reason 2.5, a behringer 4-channel mixer, and a digitech multi-effects pedal.


to the best of my memory, the track list included these songs, most of which will not be heard live ever again. this is not in any order.


  • Dissolved
  • Deterioration
  • Shapeshifter
  • The Chained Phase I: Flow
  • Wandering Light
  • The Return Home
  • Anthracite
  • The Dream Is Dead
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Before Nowhere
  • Uncontrollable-D
  • Fountain Square
  • Vector Damage


but who knows what the future will hold?