1. The Dream Is Dead (Wideawake)
  2. Uncontrollable-D
  3. Before Nowhere
  4. Clarity
  5. Dead Reckoning (repeat/clone)
  6. The Dream Is Dead (Nightmare)


This is Song Cycle 1.

released in CD-R form in 2005, 25 copies produced.
re-released on Bandcamp in 2010 with bonus material.

written and recorded in 2003-2005 in Federal Way and Bellingham, Washington, USA except Dead Reckoning (repeat/clone), originally written and recorded in 1998 in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA and re-arranged and recorded in 2003 in Bellingham, Washington, USA

before revenant, it was the only other release available on physical media (albeit CD-R).

BURN SECTOR Deception to the Trained Eye (demo) Deception to the Trained Eye (demo)